Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Blogging vs Facebook

Good thing about Facebook: you connect with people in your life or on the periphery a little more.
Good thing about Blogging (and I include the lurky kind of reading I do in this too): you connect with people you probably would never meet in real life, broadens the world, makes connections just a little bit.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Frickin' Facebook

I caved, I joined Facebook. WHAT WAS I THINKING? Clearly a week moment. Maybe even too many glasses of wine, I don't know. True was overcome by the whole FaceBook glamour. I would keep in touch with friends I don't see much! I would know what is going on! I would be with the "in" crowd.

If you haven't joined, don't it is a load of crap.

Here's the thing: some of it is true. I love that I have a better glimpse of friends' lives who live further away or who I don't see as often any more. That's cool. My sister in law (to be) and I have had some chats because of FB, that's cool too.

But what the hell is the rest???? People I haven't seen in years, decades, suddenly "friend" me? They don't send an email - Hey how are you? Where are you these days? etc etc. They just click the button" Friend Request. Then suddenly, if I accept, they see everything about me, fine, but also every time I comment on someone else's stupid FaceBook page. Yes, EVERYONE of those "friends" sees what I write to someone else. And I see the same. Quite frankly I don't give a flying S*&T about most of what I see when I go onto my home page: So and So commented on So and So's Pictures. So and So is now friends with So and So!!

God I sound like my mother with all the So and So stuff. See? It is making me mental. I have considered deactivating my account, but see? Somehow they have me hooked enough I just can't do it. But the polite side of me also can't "Ignore" every stupid boring Friend Request. It is giving me anxiety!

:) I guess I much prefer the anonymous world of blogging where high school and old boyfriends can't find me, I can rant in peace more or less, and I can resist the urge to turn into the high school self I once was.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

It's the New Year, now quit eating and start walking!

*****Read on UnPCMama, I am referring to my bad habits in the title, this is not another rant post*****

Time to stop indulging. So hard. Sigh. Have to get back on track to lose another 5 lbs of pregnancy fat. I swear if I do it again (not saying I will, just saying...) I will eat less so it is not such a struggle 18 months later. If only I had curbed my appetite a little  I might be back to pre-pregnancy size by now. Ah well, back to lower carbs and more exercise!

Summary of our holidays:
1. Lots of family visits, drinking, friends etc. Lovely time Christmas Eve at our place with friends. We all paid for it with the flu bug which entered through some vector that evening. Christmas day fun here, presents were crazy, my boy not interested at all in unwrapping anything, content to zip around grandparents playing with every new thing that came out of shiny paper. Passed on the flu bug,.
2. Dec 26-29 Everyone sick with various stages of severity. Upset stomach, feeling of exhaustion, throwing up. In Mom's case hospitalization because she needed more medication (she has Addison's disease and diabetes).
3. A period of indecision about visiting Mr W's relatives in Vernon. Bought new tires and then couldn't afford to go, but couldn't have gone without new tires. Gaahhh. Stayed here, got cabin fever because we needed to get out and it was raining. Tried to overcome but so hard when dark and rainy! Mr W and I spent some along time shopping one day after dropping boy off at grandparents place, that was nice and helped a bit.
4. I am writing a proposal for work. So need work. So don't know what will do with boy if I get it. Will have to juggle something with Mr W's work. If get it will be super busy for a few months but it will be worth it. Don't know if I have a chance, am highly qualified (it doesn't require a PhD let alone 3 of them, because my team has 2 other PhDs on it), but everyone needs work these days.

That's about it. Started knitting Sunday Socks and am enjoying the challenge and short-term results of it.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Holiday weight tip #1: Don't make the shortbread, rum balls and chocolate weeks before Christmas, they disappear! Whose idea was it to get a head start on the holiday baking anyway? It is alllllllll gooooonnnne! Sheesh. So now I have to make more. Made ginger cookies yesterday and am making batch #2 of shortbread right now.

Here is my Grandma's recipe:
1 lb butter
1 cup sugar
4 cups flour

Knead 20 minutes, roll out thickly and cut out shapes. Bake 325 degree oven 15-20 minutes.

My cousin and I were saying the other day that we can't figure out how Grandma had time with 5 kids (all only 1-2 years apart) to knead shortbread for 20 mins. I asked Dad the other day and he said they all looked after each other, most of the duties going to his oldest sister.

My recipe which makes half the above, but then if you eat it all you have to make more:
1 cup butter
1/2 cup icing sugar
2 cups flour

Knead 10 minutes or until you can't stand it any longer. Or the baby wakes up. Roll out thinly which makes them crispy and seemingly less calories. I cut them out with little cookie cutters, again less calories/cookie, just try not to eat more because of it. Bake at 325 degrees for 10-12 minutes.

To be honest this bunch isn't getting rolled out  at all. The icing sugar made it light and fluffy and I think I am just going to spoon it on the baking sheet. I tried this with a few the last batch and they were just as yummy!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas movies

I never thought I had a Christmas tradition movie. I like to watch some of the kids' specials but nothing that I watch every year, year after year. Except I was wrong. I do! It is a movie Mr W and I watch year after year and it is a bit embarrassing to admit: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. This year when they lit up the house the baby had just woke up from his nap (note to self, he isn't a baby any more!) so we pointed out The lights! The lights! The lights!

Yeah read into it all you want, I enjoy it :)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Dear Christmas

Dear Christmas,

You are only a week away and once again I feel bested by you.

I see you coming with the first damn Christmas ad the day after Hallowe'en. Revelling in spookiness, candy, and a carpet of freshly fallen leaves, I laugh, I scoff, and then I happily ignore you.

A few weeks later the Christmas Fairs start. What fun! Seeing all the crafts and homemade goodies. I go, I browse, I am calm, for Christmas is still but a glimmer on the horizon. I may buy a few things, but my list is not made, the money not earned, and so I am once again happy in my ignorance, my procrastination.

Suddenly it is December. Everyone starts talking about Christmas holidays, finishing work "before Christmas", the weather turns, the snow falls, I can feel your breathe cold and tingly on my ears. Santa appears, I bake, I make a wreath. The lights the lights the LIGHTS MAMA!!! We trim the tree, enjoy time with friends and family.

One week to go, I have done pretty well. I have shopped for almost all, braved the sour faces in the stores, shelled out my carefully saved money for gifts. Laden down with a child in many layers of clothes in a stroller which won't stroll on mall floors, I laugh at the busy, the bustle as people push by.

But this morning it happened. After paying too much for a Blu Ray disc (where did DVDs go??) I had a moment, the moment that comes every year. I pause, I gulp, my hearts starts a-beating like crazy. It is the curse of the unprepared. The moment I wonder: will I have enough presents? will they like them? have I spent enough? too much? why didn't I start making presents in October, or even better August?

 I am fractured. I am trying to sit quietly with a cup of tea, stop the panic about you Christmas, ignore the work proposal I should write (sometime before Jan 5). Enjoy the time, the lights on the Xmas train with my son tonight. His joy at not things (it may be the last year) but at living and learning and running and screaming and laughing.

Signed, another weary soul

PS I must remember, cure to quell the panic as always at this time of year is a spiked cup of cheer!

Saturday, December 12, 2009


I have had two nice reconnection with friends in my life over the past month. You know those friends which through just life circumstances you see less. And I think more importantly, have less chance to laugh with, again just because of whatever else is going on with everyone.

In November I flew (for the first time) with the Little Man to PG to see a good friend. She and I used to talk on the phone DAILY. And I mean religiously. Our husbands often came home to our respective houses to find us gabbing while.... cooking, knitting, working on the computer etc. Since these various life things happened though we talk much less, but I wanted still to go see her and have a chance for a visit with the Little Man. It had been 7 months since we had seen her and I figured it was time.

And it was a really nice time. We ate, drank lots of wine, walked her dogs and pulled the boy in the sled. Chased the boy around her non -child-proof house.. and laughed. We got to do all the things friends do in a few days, and it was fun. Even the plane ride with the little guy was just fine (poor Mr W. was nervous the whole time we were in the air because he hates flying and didn't like us doing it alone).

While there I remarked I loved her pillows, they were so soft. So yesterday we came home to a delivery from Sears- our Xmas present - new pillows from my friend! Very cool and very funny at the same time, I laughed about it. Mr W said "What's up with that did you tell her you liked her pillows a lot?" Yep.

Anyway, also spent a nice, child-less afternoon (Mr W had the boy) with one of my cousins. It has been forever and a day since she and I spent any time together without husbands and/or baby. We went to one of my neighbours (not the tree haters) who runs a pottery studio and decorated Xmas ornaments. It was great! And again, we had a chance to chat, catch up, and yes laugh.

When the days are dark it makes it so much better to have a laugh. I have wonderful friends, including a best bud only a street away (UnPCMama) and the chance to reconnect with some of these people has been lovely. Will go now maintain my sugar/alcohol high and eat some more chocolate while drinking wine (Fuzion apparently the latest craze, pretty good for $9 a bottle!).